Cassandra  L  Stephens

I love capturing a moment in time that will become a memory forever.  Every second of our lives offers an opportunity for seeing life’s moments through a new lens. It is my privilege to be a part of this process with my clients.

•  •  •

My Name is Cassandra L. Stephens--feel free to call me Cassie. I am a self-taught photographer, avid snowboarder and devoted cat mom to the cutest munchkin named Lady. Born and raised in Southern California, I recently made a move to the beautiful state of Colorado.


It's All About A Story

I have enjoyed the art of photography ever since I was a child, and took the leap on building it into a business.  I started my creative career in design as an activewear designer but wanted  to revisit my passion for photography and fell in love with wedding photography.

Fun Facts about me

• If you see me with a large Starbucks in-hand, it's tea, not coffee!

• I'm a tomboy at heart who loves to play flag football, then kick on my girlie heels

• I love all forms of art, weather it's painting, singing, dancing, drawing and of course, taking pictures

• Country concerts are my jam

• I have saved every card I've ever received since my 16th birthday.

• I'm a big fan of all the Marvel movies

• I collect magnets everywhere I travel

• I'm a complete sucker for romantic comedies

How about you?

All About You

My clients happiness is what I strive for.  I’d love to hear your story, make you feel like family, and help create your lasting memories.